I was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida. My parents, newly married, had fled the Great Depression in New York for warmer climes. My young years were spent in Farmingdale and Freehold, New Jersey. I went to college at Pratt Institute (BA in Industrial Design) in Brooklyn.

Where we live is important. Some never leave home—my home was sold. I have had no choice but to make my own home wherever I was. I have lived (after Brooklyn) in Vicenza, Italy (daughter born there); Birmingham, Michigan; Brooklyn, again (son born there); Westchester County, New York; Morgantown, West Virginia; and now, Iowa City, Iowa.

What our children do is important. Daughter, Lee Wallis Whiting, an MA graduate from Columbia University, is a professor of English as a Second Language (ESL) at Fashion Institute of New York (FIT). She is also an artist and makes fascinating welded steel sculptures. Paul Whiting, a Cooper Union and School of Visual Arts (MFA) is a working artist and besides employment with a prestigious gallery, he has had several residencies, including Yaddo. He most recently had a painting residency at the Edward F. Albee Foundation at Montauk, Long Island. His work is superbly finished and mysterious in content and appearance.

What we ourselves do is important. Besides numerous teenage jobs and later life volunteer positions working and serving on boards for non-profits, I have designed office interiors, taught art, designed (and sometimes written) promotions for non-profits including a magazine, catalogs, invitations, fundraising letters, and so forth. Together with three others, I founded a small newspaper and was involved with running and editing it for seven years, later worked for a newspaper chain doing interviews, photographing my subjects, and writing ads. The most fun jobs were designing holiday department store window displays (remember department stores?) and designing handbags and travelling.

And now I am occupied by writing. I have several books ready for final editing: two mystery stories, a science fiction/fantasy, and a memoir. I have written numerous stories (several presented on the Home page, in this website).

Currently I am working with a co-editor, Michael Franklin White, on a novel/memoir about his father, Peter Franklin White, a featured character dancer with the Royal Ballet in London, England. It is a cooperative venture, which is to me the most enjoyable. I have worked in offices where competition thrived but the work often did not. I prefer collaboration anytime.

Thank you for reading this, I am interested in your history. Write it down (or up) and you will see how much you have done. It will surprise you. If you think it might interest others, send it along and maybe I will print it if it interests me. (Check the Home page for my e-mail address.)